Memorial Spaceflights

Carl N. Lindgren

"Fly high brother! Miss you so much!"
1948 - 2020

Carl Norman Lindgren, b. September 22, 1948 in Bridgeport, CT. (d. June 1 2020). Adopted by Norman and Flora Lindgren and raised in Stratford, CT. He attended Bunnel High School and graduated from University School of Bridgeport. After high school, Carl enrolled in the Technical School of RCA in NYC until being drafted by the Army in his last semester. He served in Vietnam and upon returning, began working for Radio Shack as well as several 'side hustles' including setting up a couple of recording studios and repairing equipment.

In 1981 he relocated to the usually snow-less San Diego area and continued his technical career. Besides acting as a Technical Consultant to various SoCal entities, he began working at Sycuan Casino Resort where he managed the technical operation and personnel of the Surveillance Department for the entire Resort. 

Carl married Elizabeth K Ludwig in1988 and helped raise his stepson Josh. He had many hobbies and interests including music, travel and reading. In late 2015 he submitted his DNA to 23andme and as has often happened,- he discovered 5 siblings from his birth mother! Which is why it is that members of the Barrows and Alsworth families are here today to witness the launch of his ashes that will orbit the Earth. Carl went on to discover family members on his birth fathers side and in the couple of years before his passing, purchased a motor home and traveled across the country meeting his new relatives.

Carl was a naturally happy guy. He made friends easily and was generous with his talents and time. He was funny, brilliant and was fascinated with all things space and space travel. He was the most outgoing 'nerd' you could ever encounter. As his long-lost siblings, we were delighted to find him, to welcome him into our family and loved him very much.

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