Memorial Spaceflights

Brian Gordon Wilson

"As you wish..."
1969 - 2021

Brian, a native of Virginia, developed a passion for soccer at a young age, while traveling the world with his mother and stepfather. His time in Egypt sparked a lifelong fascination with the sport, which continued even after he returned home. 

Following college, Brian joined the Peace Corps and spent three years in Niger, teaching farming techniques to local tribes.  Before returning to the US traveled extensively, including a trip to Nepal, where he taught English.

Back home in Seattle, Brian and his wife Dianne became devoted fans of the Seattle Sounders, attending every home game and following the team closely. They also enjoyed wine tasting and spending time with family. Brian even coached his daughter's soccer team.

Brian's experiences outside the US helped shape him as an adult. He began his career as a high school science teacher before transitioning to cancer research. He was dedicated to his work and spent countless hours researching ways to fight the disease. Tragically, cancer eventually took his life.

Brian is survived by his parents, brother, three stepsisters, two "step" daughters, and a grandson. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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