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Betty Ruth Islas

"Disparar A Los Estrellas"
1926 - 2014

Betty R. Islas, age 87, died at home in Jenison, Michigan on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. She died of natural causes.

Born October 4, 1926, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Edgar and Fannie Leithiser, she was one of four daughters.

She lived in many different places, but most of her life in Southern California. She lived in Georgia for 18 years, and then moved to Michigan for the remainder of her life.

Betty will be remembered for her love of speaking Spanish, enjoyment of cooking Mexican food and fulfillment of family.

Betty married Fernando Islas in Pennsylvania. They had three children: Fernando, Stephen and Dian. She had four granddaughters, one grandson and four great grandchildren who will miss her deeply.

Betty always loved to travel and fly. Her wishes were to have her ashes sent on a spacecraft and orbit the planet. She will forever be remembered and “will shoot for the stars.”


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