Memorial Spaceflights

Bernadette Salter

"To Boldly Go Where No Human Has Gone Before"
1966 - 2008

Bernadette (Bea to her friends) was born in Somerset in the United Kingdom and grew up in the countryside around Crewkerne. She was an accomplished rider and lover of both dogs and cats. She had a great natural curiosity and a love of all nature, especially plants and flowers. She enjoyed reading and was an avid lover of Science Fiction.

Bea had a wonderful sense of humour and enjoyed practical jokes, but when need arose, she could be very supportive to friends and, in a crisis, was a calm and capable leader that everyone turned to.

Bea was fabulous with children and an excellent storyteller, developing the story as she went along. Her story ended at just 42 years of age, leaving two beautiful children, Ciaran and Taran, behind.


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