Memorial Spaceflights

Audrey June Langford

"Back To The Stars"
2008 - 2019

Audrey June Langford was the bravest person we’ve ever met or ever will meet. She lacked typical inhibitions of children her age and that made everything she did full of confidence, beauty and strength. One perfect example of this is her spending 2 seasons playing football in what would otherwise be an all-boy team. And she excelled in it.

Her favorite musicians included Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish and Linkin Park and her favorite movie was “Aliens”. She considered Xenomorphs her favorite “animal”. She and her friends at school often spoke of joining in the “Raid Area 51” activities and she led the charge in daring them to eat as much spicy foods as she could. She adored scary movies and books and would often spring out from around corners to startle her family members.
The weight of her absence is felt by all who knew her, especially her parents, Bianca San Miguel and Jason Langford, her stepfather, Nathan Guy and her siblings, Emma, Noah and Damian. As a family, nothing will ever be the same but we know every time we look up at the moon our baby girl, our sister, our inspiration will be there looking down.

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