Memorial Spaceflights

Antonio Zuber

"Fly Antonio, Fly"
1997 - 2022

Antonio was a beautiful person who accomplished so much in his life.  Antonio was very creative and someone who spotted trends before they became mainstream—a futurist of sorts.  His mind never rested.  Antonio’s adult life passions were trading stocks, monitoring cryptocurrencies, being driven by his Tesla, listening to music, watching movies and YouTube videos, and spending time with his soulmate, Swathi. He also loved his family and particularly enjoyed playing craps and following the stock market with his uncle Johnny.  He passionately followed Philadelphia sports teams with his dear friend, Austin.

Antonio loved to learn new things and was an excellent writer.  He graduated from Villanova University in 2019 with a dual major in Finance and Accounting and a minor in analytics.  He was employed by KPMG until October of 2022 when he left the accounting profession and moved from Pennsylvania to California to pursue a masters degree to help him fulfill his dream of being a successful hedge fund manager.  Antonio taught himself how to trade; he was great at it and he loved doing it.

Growing-up, Antonio was very serious, kept to himself but was a thrill-seeker.  He went skydiving for his eighteenth birthday!  He loved amusement parks and always tried to sit in the first seat of every roller coaster he rode.  Antonio loved to climb—anything, everything.  He loved to “hoot and holler” when he went fast—the modes of which to do so were varied and frequent.   He was honest, studious, polite, and extremely hard working.  Antonio gave the best hugs!  Antonio was never jealous of others’ successes; he loved to help others succeed.  Antonio was a loving and caring friend, cousin, nephew, and grandson.  He loved his brother, Sam, and was so proud of everything he accomplished.  Antonio is our loving son.

Antonio lived a beautiful life that ended suddenly, unintentionally and unexpectedly at the age of twenty-five.  This happened only a few weeks prior to when he was scheduled to begin a master’s degree program—the next step in pursuing his dreams.  In the event of his untimely death, Antonio’s desire was simply to be launched into space.  To Forever Fly—such is the desire of a creative futurist with such varied passions, a thrill seeker with a love for learning and experiencing new things, and someone who loved to go far and fast!  That is our son Antonio.  That was and continues to be his spirit and his energy.

We love you Antonio.  We miss you more than words can say.  Our grief, like our love for you, is unending.  Until the frequency of our energy is once again aligned, as you requested, on this Enterprise flight, Forever Fly!

Love always and forever, Mom, Dad, and Sam.


Forever Fly…

       (For Antonio Zuber, from Tim, Simone, and Sam Zuber)


Feel the excitement!

You are set for a great ride…

Countdown to eternity

Fly Antonio, Fly!


No longer confined by anxiety

You are finally free inside

Countdown to eternity

Fly Antonio, Fly!


A simple request you made of us

In the event on earth you died

Blastoff! Now! To Eternity!

Fly Antonio, Fly!


Forever you are twenty-five

Forever in our minds

Forever we shall love you

Forever now you’ll fly…


Fly Antonio!

Forever Fly…

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