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Anthony and Catherine Telesco - Santore

"Together Forever"

Greatness needs to be measured in many ways. In terms of how our society measures greatness, Anthony (my father) was an under-achiever. But as a husband and father, he was every bit as great as any of history's notables. In a society where divorce is commonplace, it is with great pride that I can say, "I never heard a cross word spoken between he and my mother."

Catherine (my mother) had the unique ability to always be the perfect sounding board for all my problems and woes, and always seemed to have the right answers. She did not always agree with me, and yet she always managed to make me see her way of doing things. I didn't understand as I was growing up, but, many times when there was conflict between Anthony and me, she would say, "You're just like him, you're just like your father. That's why you're always arguing." My retort was always, "I am not like him. If I was, we wouldn't argue." The truth be known, I can't help but wonder if she didn't give Tony the same line when he said, "I was nothing like him." I can just see her saying, "You wanted a son like you and you got him."

As I get older, and with the help of family videos, I find the similarities between "Pokey" (as my daughter Susan re-named Tony) and me scary: I look like him, I sound like him, and I have the same mannerisms. Momma was right again.

"Tony" wanted to be an accountant but never made it. He did, however, run a very successful trucking company. "Katie" wanted to be an artist. She never quite made it, but my home is filled with creative works of hers.

To them both I say, "Thanks For The Memories."

-- Richard Santore

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