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Adrian Denis Edmunds

"Whenever you look up at the night sky, there I’ll be."
1979 - 2022

Adrian Denis Edmunds was born on 24th July 1979 in Newcastle, Australia.

Loved and admired by all who knew him, Adrian was the founder of Nodding Dog Design - the company that united his creativity, work and friends for twenty years.

From an early age, Adrian loved reading and drawing, computer games and playing the guitar. He was humble, generous and always believed in the goodness of people.

Born to parents Denis and Zenaida Edmunds, Adrian was raised with his sister Regina. He attended Mayfield Kindergarten, St Columbans Primary School and San Clemente High School, completing his Higher School Certificate at St Francis Xavier in Hamilton in 1997.

Adrian graduated from a Bachelor of Design (Graphics) degree at the University of Newcastle in 2001. A natural at everything he did, Adrian built a thriving creative agency – Nodding Dog – from scratch, and led its success for two decades with many clients becoming lifelong friends. Working across design, animation, websites and video, he gave many talented artists and creatives their first start in the industry, supporting them to grow and pursue their interests, even after their time at Nodding Dog.

The Nodding Dog studio at Wickham became a home as well as a creative hub for Adrian and his friends. It was a truly special place, filled with Adrian’s favourite things and showcasing his incredible range of interests - from films, music, art and pop culture, to sci-fi and new technologies, Star Wars memorabilia, Marvel heroes, robots, collectible action figures and his vintage Ford XM Falcon.

Although Adrian spent much of his time in Newcastle, he also travelled overseas including to the Philippines, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

Adrian was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2018. His courage, strength and grace throughout the years that followed, inspired all who knew him, and were representative of Adrian's honesty, his calm positive spirit and his philosophical approach to life.

Adrian passed away peacefully on 14th January 2022. He has left an enormous hole in the lives of his family and everyone who knew him, and will be forever missed. It will be our honour to see Adrian’s final wish fulfilled of going beyond the stars.

“Whenever you look up at the night sky, there I’ll be.”

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