Memorial Spaceflights

Aaron Simonton

"It's fun doing something that hasn't been done before. - Stan Lee"

Ever since Aaron was little, he always said he was an alien from space, and on his 13th birthday, they were coming back for him. I guess in space-time, 13 years is actually 32 earth years. 

Aaron was born on February 23, 1990 to Richard and Cathy (DiMaria) Simonton in Peterborough NH. He has two older brothers, Jeff and Chris, and a younger brother, Tyler.  Growing up, the boys always seemed to be into something, and somehow, Aaron was right there.  They all loved playing video games together and just hanging out.  He was especially good at keeping us laughing at the dinner table.

Aaron graduated from Concord (NH) High School in 2008 where he played trumpet in the band. Later, Aaron became a staple in the Concord food service industry, making friends, colleagues and leaving a legacy of hard work with a positive attitude.

However, his biggest legacy will be his son, Marshall.  Marshall was his shining star, his everything.  He was a loving father, who went above and beyond for him.  He co-parented with his ex-wife, Alicia, and even though they no longer were together, he always held a special place in his heart for her.

Among those who knew and loved him most he will be remembered for his goofy sense of humor and matching laughter, his imagination, his fortitude through hard times, and his willingness to help anybody who needed it.  Aaron loved Space and the endless possibility it held.

A star went out when he left us, but now he’s going to relight it for us.

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