The Pioneer Flight flew into space and returned to Earth, as planned

Pioneer Flight mission patch

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The Celestis logo on an UP Aerospace Spaceloft XL launch vehicle prior to liftoff. See more photos from our previous Spaceport America missions. Also, see video of the Legacy Flight launch at Spaceport America.

Celestis is pleased to announce the launch of Celestis 09, the Pioneer Flight, launched May 4, 2010 from Spaceport America, near Las Cruces, New Mexico. The launch was Web cast, live, on the Web site of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium Student Launch Program. (Watch a rerun of the Web cast.)

This flight was an Earth Rise (suborbital) mission and was launched aboard an UP Aerospace SpaceLoft XL launch vehicle. We were pleased to work with the primary sponsor of the mission, the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium, by providing matching funds that assisted students to launch their experiments into space.

Aboard the Pioneer Flight were flight capsules and modules of over 19 people from the US, China, Taiwan, and Great Britain. The capsules and modules containing cremated remains were returned to the families of Pioneer Flight participants. As always we welcomed friends, family members, and others as our special guests for a launch pad tour, launch viewing, and memorial activities.

Videos from The Pioneer Flight

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The Official Celestis Pioneer Flight Video
Official Flight Video (12 min 32 sec) A comprehensive overview including the launch pad and mission control tours, the memorial service, the launch, post-launch reactions by family members, and how the launch benefits students
Celestis Pioneer Flight Launch Video
Launch Video (only) (1 min 14 sec) Footage of the launch itself

Photos from The Pioneer Flight

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Celestis Pioneer Flight Photos
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