Millennial Flight mission patch

Celestis launch pad tour
Family and friends on the Millennial Flight launch pad tour.
Vandenberg AFB
Vandenberg Air Force Base is near the city of Lompoc, about a two to three hour drive northwest of Los Angeles.

The Millennial Flight was launched December 20, 1999 at 11:13 p.m. Pacific Standard Time aboard an Orbital Sciences Corporation Taurus rocket. The launch occurred at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. On board were participants from the USA, China, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Read their stories....

The Taurus rocket placed the Celestis Earthview 03 satellite into Earth Orbit with the following initial parameters:

Orbit: 678 x 719 km, 98.3°
Eccentricity: 0.0028693
Inclination: 098.2627°
Perigee Height: 678 km
Apogee Height: 719 km
Right Ascension of Ascending Node: 024.9423°
Argument of Perigee: 150.9033°
Revolutions per Day: 14.58259622
Estimated Orbital Lifetime: 240 years

The spacecraft (designated as "CELESTIS 04/TAURUS R/B" [originally designated as "CELESTIS 03"]) is still on orbit and can be tracked here.

As usual, we welcomed friends, family members, and others as our special guests for a launch pad tour, launch viewing, and memorial activities.

In addition to the Celestis payload, this flight included a Korean multi-purpose satellite (KOMPSAT), along with the third instrument in a series of solar monitoring tools built for NASA called ACRIMSAT, designed to study the level of radiation emitted by the Sun.

"The launch was more than I can ever explain in words! It has actually changed the way that I think of John. I still mourn of the loss of John's companionship, but you [Celestis] have given me the opportunity to feel pleasure in knowing he is accomplishing what he never could have done in this life. The whole experience of the tour, memorial service and the launch has forever changed me. I know it sounds curious, but it feels like a rebirth."

Alberta Mayo (Wife) -- Celestis Earthview 04,
The Millennial Flight

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