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Gerald D. Conti
1916 - 1991

"We Made Your Wish Come True"

Gerald D. Conti


The letter "G"erald Conti was born September 15, 1916, to Natel and Maria Conti in Maplewood, New Jersey. He was a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

He started his entrepreneurial career at an early age with a waterproofing and sidewalk construction company. His career expanded as he developed numerous inventions created by his unique, hardworking, unstoppable attitude. His family thought of him as a generous, funny, caring, lovable father and husband, a legend who will live in their hearts forever.

Mr. Conti's hobbies included reading and cooking. He was a gourmet chef and owned several restaurants. A strong interest in space was part of his life, as was a belief in extraterrestrial life in the universe. As with many members of the Founders Flight, he viewed space as the ultimate frontier: a place humanity should continue to explore and one day settle. His hope was to travel some day into space. That hope is now being realized and made possible by his loving family and Celestis, Inc.

"The prophetic soul
Of the wide world, dream
ing on things to come."

Sonnets CVII


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