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Jesse James
Artistic Being of Light
Charles (Chuck) Martin Johnson
Chuck — space adventurer

Nancy L. Johnson
I am where I wish to be
Frank Lathrop Jones
Making your dream a reality
Paula Mae Jones
In my end is my beginning
Albert Edward Kenyon
Your Wish Come True My Love
Francis J. (Frankie) Kerrigan
All my love. Justin X X X
Loretta J. Knight-Grodzki
Little Wing 9/11/74 - 12/11/04
Lisa Knowles
Fullfillment Of A Dream XXO
Yusuke Kojima
Daddy, enjoy what you want to do upon the space...
Yoshihiro Kojima
Yoshihiro, fly through the universe as much as you want...
Marj Krueger — "Jayge Carr"
Possible dreams!
Jeroen Krupe
Life's a Journey Not a Destination
Erna Laffon
Mme Erna Laffon
Val Serge Lava
Honoring Beautiful Memories
Shou Chu Liang
May Your Spirit Soar High
Michael Zabi Light
You are in our hearts Smvysfvk
Gertrude Delphi Biscuit Livingston
You soared higher than space
as a loving Mom.
Frederic L. Lizzi, Eng.Sc.D.
Into space, with love
John Meredyth Lucas
"Go with God"
John Brown Marques, IV
To infinity — And beyond!
Steven Russell Marsh
Loving the Best
Martha Masler
Land Der Dunklen Waelder
Sadao Masumoto
Father, how is the space
filled with stars...

Roland Thomas Mayer (Ro)
A Genius Among the Stars!
Rachael Lynn Mayo
Rachael, Play among the stars!
Dr. Rashmi Mayur
My time passed like a second
Robert E. McCormick
Our love is set free!!
Bryan Christopher Mead

Alan P. Mihara
Yoshihiko Morimoto
Thank you for being my husband. Mieko
Kimiko Mukai

When we look to the sky, we know you will be with us. Enjoy your spaceflight!
Heinz Paul Willi Müller
Du Warst Die Insel Der Ruhe Fürmich
Osamu Muto
"Dear Osamu, I want to say 'sorry' a million times and 'thank you' ten million times to you..."
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