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The Celestis Foundation

Private enterprise in space for the public good on earth. © Space Services Inc.

The Celestis Foundation shares your dedication to promoting innovative projects that improve life on Earth and stimulate our ongoing exploration of the universe.

The Foundation focuses on nurturing entrepreneurial space enterprises, supporting organizations that educate our children and the general public about space, and contributing to charities that create a positive future on Earth. A portion from the proceeds of each Celestis sale is donated to an individual, organization, or institution that embodies the spirit and principles of exploration, planetary conservation, and innovation so prevalent among our mission participants.

The Celestis Foundation ensures a continuing source of support for the people and projects that will accelerate the opening of the space frontier and the preservation of Earth.

Celestis Foundation supports the Houston Urban Debate League

In 2008 and 2009 the Celestis Foundation began its ongoing support of the Houston Urban Debate League by creating the League's Web site. The mission of the Houston Urban Debate League is to build, support, and sustain programs in Houston's public schools to make policy debate an educational resource available to all students. Policy debate prepares students to be effective advocates for themselves, their families, and their community. The Houston Urban Debate League develops public-private partnerships that enhance the investment of school districts in debate activities by providing business and community finance, mentoring, communication, and facilities to permanently restore policy debate in all of Houston's public high schools. Celestis supports HUDL as a means to assist under-served high school students to pursue university education and careers in law and government. HUDL exemplifies the Celestis Foundation’s commitment to the future.

Celestis Foundation co-sponsors aerospace scholarship competition

In 2006 the Celestis Foundation became a Gold Sponsor of the 14th Annual Frank J. Redd Student Scholarship Competition, which provides college students with the opportunity to share their work on small satellite concepts and missions at the annual Small Satellite Conference. The AIAA/Utah State University Conference on Small Satellites has become internationally recognized as the premier conference on small satellites. Read more...

Celestis Foundation supports Women of Color in Flight

In October 2006, the Celestis Foundation made a donation to the "Reality Leads Fantasy - Celebrating Women of Color in Flight" celebration in Chicago (October 6-7, 2006), a program of The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (DJF), a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first woman of color to go into space.

Through Reality Leads Fantasy—Celebrating Women of Color in Flight, the DJF seeks to expand public awareness of the incredible legacy of women of color from around the world in aviation and aerospace as well as highlight the wide range of activities involved in both fields that are essential to our world today. Bringing to life the stories of amazing women who, despite the odds, have been integral to our understanding of the heavens, as well as our dreams and capacity to explore inspires everyone. Primary to this effort is: to expose students to the myriad career opportunities in aviation and aerospace; to identify the educational venues in science, technology and leadership that will set them on their courses; and to promote the importance of science and math education.

Reality Leads Fantasy– Celebrating Women of Color in Flight was held October 6-7, 2006 in Chicago—the hometown of Dr. Mae Jemison, Nichelle Nichols and Bessie Coleman. The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation that promotes science literacy and social responsibility through its projects as well as its premiere program The Earth We Share (TEWS).

Celestis Foundation supports the Zia Tribal Scholarship Program

In September 2006, the Celestis Foundation made a donation to the Zia Tribal Scholarship Program, which assists undergraduate and graduate university students who are natives of the Zia Pueblo in New Mexico. Zia Pueblo is the birthplace of the ancient sun symbol, which is part of the New Mexico flag.

Celestis Foundation supports Cowboys for Kids

Also in 2006 the Celestis Foundation made a donation to Cowboys for Kids, a non-profit organization in Arizona that raises funds for disadvantaged children, handicapped children, children suffering from illnesses, and all children who are in need. Cowboys for Kids was a favorite charity of Star Trek actor James Doohan.

Cowboys for Kids also keeps the sprit of the American cowboy and rodeo alive, and preserves the cultural and historical place of the American cowboy for future generations to enjoy. Entertainment celebrities, professsional athletes and rodeo cowboys participate in the annual "Cowboys for Kids Rodeo" to raise funds for Cowboys for Kids. Children and adults have a chance to experience the old west — to be a "cowboy for a day."

  Celestis Foundation supports 2005 tsunami relief

In May 2005, the Celestis Foundation made a donation to CARE’s global tsunami relief effort.

Celestis Foundation supports the Wildlife Waystation

The Celestis Foundation has helped support the work of the Wildlife Waystation of Angeles National Forest, California. Since its inception in 1976, the Wildlife Waystation has provided rescue, rehabilitation, relocation, shelter and care to over 75,000 wild and exotic animals. Click here to learn more about the important work of the Wildlife Waystation and thanks to Chairman (and noted space enthusiast) Robert H. Lorsch for introducing SSI to the Wildlife Waystation.

Celestis Foundation supports the X Prize

The Celestis Foundation is pleased to announce a donation on behalf of all of the participants on the Explorers Flight to the X Prize Foundation. The Ansari X Prize was recently awarded to SpaceShip One, marking the true opening of private human space exploration.

The Celestis Foundation

Beginning in 1995, the Celestis Foundation contributed to the National Space Society, the XPrize Foundation, the Deke Slayton Museum, the National Marrow Foundation and sent a deserving student, Gabriel Varellas, to Space Camp.

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