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Celestis helps families honor the memory of loved ones through unique, post-cremation memorial spaceflights.

Celestis, Inc. is an affiliate company of Space Services, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based aerospace company and a leader in public participation spaceflight.

Our heritage encompasses over 30 years of global leadership in private sector space missions and applications including:

  • the first ever private launch into outer space (1982),
  • the first private, post-cremation memorial spaceflight (1997),
  • the first lunar burial (1999)

Celestis believes:

  • That we are entrusted by our clients to treat their loved one’s cremated remains with the utmost dignity and respect: We view this as a sacred trust.
  • In environmentally benign, noninvasive commercial development of the space frontier: We therefore ensure that our payloads of cremated remains are not “scattered” in space or otherwise contribute to orbital debris.
  • That in addition to commemorating the lives of our clients’ departed loved ones, our successful aerospace venture helps support the vision of a robust future for humanity in space.

Since our first launch of 1960s icon Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in 1997, Celestis has been the subject of countless news stories in such media outlets as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, the BBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Space.com, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Times of London, Forbes, Wired, Le Monde, China Daily, USA Today, and many other newspapers, Web sites, magazines, radio and television stations.

Celestis was co-founded and is led by Charles M. Chafer, an internationally recognized high technology entrepreneur and pioneer of the commercial space age. Mr. Chafer has testified before Congress on commercial space issues, participated in White House working groups on space policy, is regularly profiled in international print and visual media, and has published numerous articles in the field.

We trace our corporate roots to two companies: Space Services Inc. of America and the Celestis Group of Melbourne, Florida. Read more about the histories of Space Services Inc. of America and Celestis. We also invite you to learn about our non-profit Celestis Foundation.

One of our clients writes, “I am glad the flight was so successful and wish you success on all future missions. Again thank you and the team of Space Services.”

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